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4 Lung Bag Filters

Bag Filters

Pure Effect Environmental provides a full line of bag filter systems for use in removing suspended matter and sediment from water at flow rates from under 1 GPM to over 10,000 GPM. Our trailer and skid-mounted bag filter units are designed to control total suspended solids from 0.45 micron up to 100 micron.


Bag Filters are ideal for use in processing:

  • industrial and commercial fluids
  • urban runoff
  • groundwater discharge from construction sites
  • storm water
  • activated carbon final or pre-filtration
  • the removal of hydrocarbons from water, and reverse osmosis.


We carry bag filter systems of all sizes and volumes, for use on projects that require low or moderate flow particulate removal. These filter systems are manufactured with epoxy coated steel, stainless steel and thermal plastics. We also provide portable units that provide coarse filtration for applications in fresh water, sea water and industrial processes where material compatibility is critical. Our bag filter systems are easy to service and maintain and are available for either lease or purchase.

Bag Filters Set 2

Pure Effect Environmental designs, implements, and maintains water quality monitoring solutions, with the optimum bag filters as part of the solution. We are known for our comprehensive project management, which ensures that every project runs smoothly and that any change in conditions or flow are immediately met with the requisite changes in the treatment system.

Pure Effect also carries cartridge filter systems for more critical discharge standards.

Contact us for carbon information on your application or for a no cost evaluation.


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