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VOC/Odor Control Refillable Carbon Panels


Pure Effect specializes in design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and service of paint booth, odor control, emission control, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Carbon Filters

  • Pure Effect supplies new equipment including particulate filters, activated carbon filters, odor control carbon panels, blowers, housings, filter booths and GAC (paint booth filters and services) for odor control and VOC removal.
  • We can provide a customized filtration system to meet your specific needs with our own extensive specialty equipment and media inventory.
  • Pure Effect can provide new customized refillable carbon panels filled with media.


HVAC Carbon Filters Refillable

Pure Effect technicians can provide O&M including onsite inspection, measurements and technical consultation services. We carry and exchange refillable carbon panels with specialty media. We can provide maintenance and field services for all HVAC projects, Odor Control and VOC Removal.




  • Pure Effect technicians are extensively trained in every facet of odor control and VOC Removal.
  • Certified in: Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) Training, American Petroleum Institute (API) training and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training.
  • OSHA-certified and experts in required clean-up operations, corrective actions, voluntary clean-up, hazardous waste operations and emergency response.


Project Management

Project Management

Pure Effect provides comprehensive project management including:

  • design of the HVAC Filtration to O&M of the systems
  • coordination with regulatory agencies and continuous client correspondence and updates of their systems
  • providing O&M Reports on the treatment system's progression


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