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Groundwater Remediation Systems

groundwater Treatment Project 1
100 GPM Groundwater Remediation System
Groundwater Treatment site
200 GPM Groundwater Remediation System
Groundwater treatment
50 GPM Groundwater Remediation System

Groundwater is a very important water resource for many people in the United States with over 50% of the United States population depending on groundwater for drinking water but groundwater is highly susceptible to contamination. This often results from poor agricultural practice with the overuses of pesticides and fertilizers and industrial pollution often contain a wide range of contaminants including pathogens and toxins and heavy metals that can migrate downward and lead to contaminated aquifers. Because of the variable flow rates of Groundwater compared to the surface water with factors such as location, topography, hydrology and the sources of groundwater recharge, this may be important for implications how well contaminants at a contaminated site undergo treatment and remediation.

Pure Effect can remediate and treat for a diverse range of organics and  metal contaminants commonly found in contaminated groundwater with our Temporary and Long Term Groundwater Remediation Systems for pump and treat remediation and some in situ treatment technologies.



Sewer Discharge
800 GPM Groundwater Remediation system


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