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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System [NPDES] and Industrial Wastewater/ Sewer Discharge

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System [NPDES] is a federal program (generally administered by individual states) that controls water discharge pollution. This program regulates point sources that discharge pollutants into U.S. waters. Groundwater, construction groundwater, surface water and other effluent sources are discharged to storm drain systems under this program.

Pure Effect provides a turnkey treatment package that complies with the requirements of the NPDES program as well as requirements for discharge to the Sanitary Sewer.

Many areas allow the discharge of construction groundwater into sewer systems. However, some municipalities/agencies do not allow groundwater discharge to the sewer.

Pure Effect can assist you in evaluating discharge options, and provide the appropriate solution to discharge/effluent challenges. Our NPDES and Sewer Discharge services include:

  • Evaluation of the wastewater/effluent stream
  • Design and engineer the most economical treatment system needed
  • Prepare and submit the permit application
  • Obtain the permit
  • Install the appropriate treatment system (rental or sale)
  • Manage the Monitoring and Reporting Program per the NPDES or Sanitary Sewer permit
  • Provide all sampling, analysis, and reporting

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