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Construction and Industrial Storm Water Treatment

Storm Water Treatment Plant
100 GPM Construction Stormwater System

Over the last decade Californian construction sites and industrial facilities have seen an increase in storm water related fines and environmental lawsuits. These penalties are being driven by strict permit requirements which are forcing sites to improve their BMP’s and may include active treatment systems. Pure Effect manufactures rental and purchase equipment for construction and industrial storm water treatment systems to meet the NPDES permit requirements.


Pure Effect manufactures construction and industrial storm water treatment equipment in our Los Angeles facility and we are able to offer both standard and custom design equipment to meet your facility’s requirements. The equipment is all made in America and is manufactured to withstand years of treatment in harsh environments found on construction and industrial sites. Advantages of buying from the manufacturer are:

  • Quality manufacturing not found in overseas made equipment (typically found from resellers)
  • Thick internal linings to protect the equipment from the inside
  • Modular design allows for easy installation and future expansion of the equipment
  • Multiple types of media to remove dissolved contaminants (metals, nutrients, minerals,ect)
  • Warranty options up to three years of coverage (call for details)
  • Rental or purchase options with five day lead times
  • Flow rates up to 10,000+ GPM


During most storm events construction sites are able to control the sediment in storm water runoff with basic BMP’s. However, due to the type of soil or grade of a project site, an active treatment system may be required to stay compliant. Pure Effect offers both basic turbidity systems as well as Attachment F compliant active treatment systems.

  • Modular in design to allow for flexible installation
  • Flow rates up to 10,000 GPM
  • Low operation maintenance requirements
  • Rental or purchase options allows for equipment delivery in five days or less
250 GPM Industrial Stormwater System


The new industrial storm water permit requires facilities to meet Numeric Action Limits (NAL’s) or else the site may be required to improve their BMP’s. If the NAL’s are not met, then the facility will be moved to the next tier and may be required to install an industrial storm water treatment system. Proactive companies are staying ahead of the tiers and installing a treatment system now so they do not move to the next level. Pure Effect manufactures industrial storm water treatment equipment that will keep your industrial site compliant as well as keep you from moving to the next tier. We offer equipment for almost any site condition and the Industries we work in are:

  • Scrap Recycling
  • Auto Dismantling & Recycling
  • Foundries
  • Boat & Ship Yards
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Lumber Yards
  • Waste Transfer Facilities
  • Land Fills
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