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Soil Remediation, Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, and Dual-Phase Extraction Systems for Site Remediation

SVE (Soil Vapor Extraction) Single and Dual-Phase Remediation Systems 

Soil VES System

Our extensive stock of vapor and liquid phase remediation systems enables us to design, implement, and maintain the full range of environmental remediation and trace contaminant removal services. These systems include activated carbon adsorption equipment, activated carbon filters, and vessels filled with a variety of granular activated carbon filter media specifically used in environmental remediation.

Liquid Phase

We use liquid phase carbon adsorption equipment to treat impacted wastewater, groundwater, stormwater and for LNAPL / water separation. We stock and maintain the full range of equipment, including drum adsorbers, epoxy-lined steel vessels, polyethylene drum adsorbers, and polyethylene-lined steel adsorbers.

Our expertise and extensive equipment options enable us to design the right system for any project. We have systems with flow rates ranging from under 5 GPM to over 10,000 GPM. Pure Effect Environmental is the answer to all liquid phase remediation needs.

Vapor PhaseVapor Extraction System

Our vapor phase carbon adsorption equipment enables us to provide any vapor-related remediation service needs. We have the capability to effectively treat air streams and vapors from soil vapor extraction (SVE) to odor control, from filtering the contaminated air resulting from soil remediation and the vapor generated during remediation to storage tank venting.

Service Area

We are a Southern California company and serve all of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Imperial, and San Diego counties.

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