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Water Sampling & Laboratory Testing Services

Water Sampling & Laboratory Testing
Hydropunch Services

Pure Effect can help cover the special needs of our customers. Our services include an in-house testing laboratory for carbon usage rates, custom R&D and engineering, custom skid pack design and treat-ability studies for soil remediation systems.

Technical Services

  • Pure Effect can perform bench testing which can optimize a design for any treatment system to meet your specific project needs
  • Conduct treatability studies using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment
  • Provide evaluation of post treated samples to confirm that treatment objectives have been met
  • We use Independent, NELAC Accredited State Certified Labs
  • Pure Effect implements quality control measures for media and chemicals used for our treatment systems

Field Technical Services

  • Pure Effect can perform water analysis for pH, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, trace heavy metals, VOC's, SVOC's and the full list of 126 priority pollutants
  • Perform air analysis for VOC's using photo and flame ionization instruments
  • Conduct O&M on the treatment system by collecting temperature, air flow/mass, vacuum readings and relative humidity
  • Pure Effect can conduct groundwater sampling using the latest techniques in Hydro Punching in order to obtain the full spectrum of water analysis needed in order to obtain the NPDES or Sanitary Sewer discharge permits
  • Our highly trained and certified personnel deliver our technical services from concept to design and from testing to implementation


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