Pure Effect VES (Vapor Extraction System) Rental Packages

Pure Effect VES (Vapor Extraction System) Rental Packages

Pure Effect, Inc. can provide you with essential services to help solve your most challenging soil remediation projects. Soil vapor extraction remediation systems (SVES) rental is often required to reduce concentration of volatile contaminants typically found in petroleum products adsorbed to soil in the unsaturated (vadose) zone and has to be completed in phases. In this SVES (Soil Vapor Extraction Systems) , a vacuum blower is applied through the wells near the source of soil contamination that needs to undergo proper extraction and remediation. Vapor phase concentration, vapor extraction systems (VES) rate and vacuum data are important factors to consider that Pure Effect, Inc. carefully analyzes and reviews prior to designing and selecting the best VES to meet your soil remediation project goals and objectives.

SVES can be mounted on skids and open trailers which Pure Effect can provide based on what works best for your project needs. Our diverse and complete package offering of trailer and skid-mounted SVES systems are designed to effectively and efficiently apply a vacuum to a well in order to remove chlorinated solvents or petroleum contaminated vapors at your project site. Our complete package we offer include soil vapor extraction (SVE), VES, air sparging, groundwater pump and treat and combinations of soil vapor and water treatment. Our SVE vacuum systems are capable of extracting volumes ranging from 50 cubic feet per minute (CFM) blowers to 1000 CFM blowers. Depending on what your project remediation needs and phase may be whether you need 250 CFM blower or 500 CFM blower, Pure Effect will provide it for you. All of our SVE systems are available for rental or purchase.

Pure Effect’s SVE Package includes:

  • Vacuum Blowers and Motors
  • Regenerative Blowers
  • Liquid Ring Blowers
  • Water Knockout Pots
  • Flow Meters
  • Air Dilution Valves
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Control Panels
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Telemetry
  • Sound Enclosure

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