HVAC Carbon Filters

Carbon Panel Housing


Pure Effect supplies HVAC Carbon Filters for air treatment. Our equipment includes; particulate filters, refillable activated carbon filters, odor control carbon panels, blowers and carbon filter housings for odor control and VOC in air removal.

We can provide a customized filtration system to meet your specific needs with our own extensive specialty equipment and media inventory. We can also provide new customized refillable carbon panels filled with media.

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Typical Carbon Filters Sizes

Refillable Panels:

  • 24x24x1"
  • 24x24x2"
  • 24x24x3"
  • 24x24x4"
  • 22x24x1" (CF4/ Plastic and Steel)

PM-18 style refillables in steel or plastic:

  • 24x6x18"
  • Special Sizes Available

Filter Folds W35's and W45's:

  • 24x24x8"

All nominal sizes are available


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