Pure Effect’s Response To COVID-19


Our Hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event. We appreciate health care workers, local communities, and governments who are working to contain the Coronavirus.
Pure Effect considers the health and well being of our employees, and customers our priority.

Using Carbon Drum Vessels for VOC Odors

Pure Effect has a new line of blower powered carbon drums vessels that make it easy to remove VOC’s and nuisance odors. They come in 55 gallon, 85 gallon and 110 gallon drum sizes. Each vessel is filled with granular activated carbon (GAC), and have blowers that you can plug into the wall.

Environmental Impacts of Dewatering

Understanding and Mitigating the Environmental Impacts of Dewatering.

Protecting the environment, understanding, and considering the potential effects of construction on the environment is the need of the moment. Dewatering and groundwater control includes a number of solutions that allow constructions and mining to be carried out; however, we must also take into consideration the impacts of these solutions on the environment.

Using Carbon Filters for Indoor Air Quality Management

Are Carbon Filters Effective Against Volatile Active Compounds In The Air?

The findings from recent researches are revealing that the indoor air quality might be of lesser quality compared to the air outside, this means that the air we are breathing in our homes, cars, and offices may be more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors.