Vapor Phase Vessels

Our vapor phase carbon vessels have been designed and built to meet or exceed the highest possible standards in both manufacture and materials. Each vapor phase vessel is designed to maximize the bedded carbon and to ensure the lowest possible pressure drop. This helps minimize back pressure on upstream equipment. To ensure longevity, each vessel has interior and exterior linings that have corrosion and chemical resistant coatings.

Our versatile vapor phase carbon vessels are used for:

  • Controlling NESHAPS emissions
  • Controlling odors
  • Controlling VOCs from soil
  • Controlling VOC from air strippers vapor extraction systems
  • Reducing toxic vapors
  • Reducing hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Reducing corrosive gasses
  • Filtering wastewater vents
  • Filtering product storage tanks
  • Filtering landfill gasses for co-generation projects
  • 55-Gallon carbon drums
Vapor Phase Vessels - Fullerton

Our vapor phase carbon vessels are compatible with all the types of activated carbon and other specialty media that we carry.

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