Construction Stormwater Treatment Systems

Pure Effect, Inc. designs, manufactures, rents, sells, installs, and operates construction and industrial stormwater treatment systems to meet the SWPPP discharge permit requirements. We offer basic treatment systems for Risk Level I, Risk Level II, and Risk Level III sites as well as Active Treatment Systems for Attachment F project requirements.

Recently a number of municipalities have been pressured by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board to enforce the construction stormwater discharge requirements on the jobsite. This has unfortunately resulted in project owners and general contractors receiving fines that could have been avoided if increased BMP’s (Best Management Practice) were implemented on site. When basic BMP’s (waddles, fencing, etc.) do not allow the discharge water to meet the permit requirement, a storm water treatment system may be required onsite. As long as all of the water is conveyed to one location, Pure Effect can turn key the entire system including the dewatering pumps and pump design.

Pure Effect, Inc. offers the following treatment equipment for rent or purchase to meet and exceed the NAL requirements of construction and industrial SWPPP applications:

  • Basic turbidity reduction systems
  • pH adjustment equipment
  • Holding tanks for water storage and settling
  • Pumps, filters and flow meters
500 GPM Construction Stormwater Treatment System - Santa Ana

500 GPM Construction Stormwater Treatment System Rental

pH Control system - Anaheim

pH Control system

[If your project requires an Active Treatment System, Pure Effect can provide the following:]

  • Treatment system design for Regional Board Approval
  • Automated monitoring equipment for both influent and effluent water
  • Certified personnel dedicated to your project during and after storm events
  • Turnkey treatment system including tanks, pumps, filters, flocculants and hoses
  • Complete understanding of Attachment F requirements

How do I know if I need treatment?

Start by talking to your SWPPP consultant or QSP to see what your specific requirements are. Determine what risk level the site is and where the storm water will discharge to. The risk level will indicate which BMP’s may be required as well the monitoring requirements. Here are common site conditions that may impact your storm water and may require treatment:

  • Turbidity –This is a measurement of how clear the stormwater is when sampled. Soil types highly impact the turbidity levels and if the site is heavy with clay then basic BMP’s may not be able to meet the discharge requirements as clay type soils typically stay suspended in water.
  • pH –This is a measurement of how acidic or basic the water. Typically, the pH is not a factor on most projects however, concrete activity can cause the pH to rise in storm water. Treatment can be used to lower the pH, but if possible concrete pouring should try and be performed during non-rainy seasons.
100 GPM Construction Stormwater Treatment System - Santa Ana

100 GPM Construction Stormwater Treatment System Rental

Special Pumping Systems - Anaheim

Special Pumping System Rentals

We’ve been the leader in providing construction storm water treatment equipment for over 20 years and can help with all your construction and industrial SWPPP needs.

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