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Pure Effect’s Technical Services can help cover the special needs of our customers. Such services include an in-house testing laboratory for carbon usage rates, custom R&D and engineering, custom skid pack design and treatability studies for soil remediation systems.

L2000 Vessel - Anaheim

We maintain a full treatability study laboratory for liquid and air phase applications that enables us to:

  • Perform bench scale treatment tests in order to optimize the designed treatment process and confirm overall contaminant removal efficiencies.
  • Conduct treatability evaluations utilizing state-of-the-art techniques for comparative treatment analysis. This enables us to provide the best, most cost-effective treatment methods to meet your overall objectives.
  • Evaluate post treatment groundwater samples and air samples for numerous analyses to confirm that the treatment objective has been achieved.

Pure Effect also conducts quality assurance/quality control evaluations of the numerous media and chemicals used in the dynamic treatment process. This ensures that we use only the highest-quality materials for your treatment processes/contaminant control and removal systems.

In addition, we offer Field Technical Services that incorporate on-site analysis for water and air purification including:

  • Water analysis for pH, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, trace heavy metals and more.
  • Air analysis for VOCs via photoionization and flame ionization, quantitative detection of many elements from acetone to vinyl chloride in the field, and many physical properties (such as temperature, air flow/mass, vacuum readings and relative humidity), which are all critical to the performance of treatment processes.

Our highly trained and certified personnel deliver our technical services, from concept to design, from testing to implementation -- with the highest degree of professionalism and service available.

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