Pure Effect Is Open For Business

Pure Effect Is Open For Business

Pure Effect, Inc. has been designated as an "Essential Business" during the COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Pandemic, and Pure Effect will remain open to provide water and air treatment services to our customers during this time. 

Pure Effect will continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as state and local authorities. We have implemented the following (2) guidelines in addition to our previous guidelines, for the health and safety of our team:

  • There is currently a "No Entry" policy for all non-employees at all PEI locations
  • We have asked our janitorial service to perform a sanitizing program that includes using a spray to disinfect computer equipment, office equipment and office furniture. They will then wipe the surface of these areas.


The Following guidelines for infection prevention measures were introduced on 3/16/20:

  • Use Hand Sanitizer frequently, with the use of proper hand washing after every 3 uses of hand sanitizer
  • Employees are asked if they are showing any symptoms of illness, to stay home until they are fully recovered before returning to work
  • Additional cleaning of personal work space, including but not limited to; computer monitors, keyboards, desk top, telephones, copy machines, printers and tools with cleaning wipes
  • We have moved employees that have tasks that can be performed remotely to work from home as to reduce the number of employees in the office, which will allow more distance between individuals
  • Effective immediately, company travel to affected areas is suspended
  • Effective immediately, company meetings, if needed, will be held via telephone
  • Lunch meetings and other social functions will be suspended until further notice


We are continuing to diligently monitor this situation and we will keep our communication open and transparent with our employees and customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Pure Effect's response to COVID-19 during this time, please free to contact us.