Pure Effect Activated Carbon Filters

Pure Effect Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon material and structures are used for industrial air treatment in order to trap air contaminations mainly VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) at chemical processing facilities, manufacturing set-ups, landfill sites, and petrochemical plants. Following are the common areas, which need to regulate organic emissions such as harmful and toxic pollutants or unpleasant odors:

  • Vapor recovery units.
  • Loading and unloading terminals.
  • Oil and water separators.
  • Drainage and waste collection system manholes.
  • Vacuum filter exhausts.
  • Manufactured goods storage, waste storage, and clarified slop tank vents.

Industrial air treatment with activated carbon is a noteworthy technology for the elimination of VOCs from the air and other gases. This includes the elimination of siloxanes from biogas. Under most of the circumstances, the chemicals can be eliminated to a level at which they cannot be detected. This means that even most strict standards for air quality will not only be met but exceeded. The technology is simple, consistent and has been established to be effective.

When the charcoal is activated, the surface area of every particle is radically enhanced. This expanded surface area performs an important part in the capacity of adsorption and makes it one of the dominant substance for purification and cleaning of the air. Air filters with activated charcoal adsorb several kinds of impurities and allergens and leave the air clean and fresh. Activated charcoal air filters are especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from any kind of breathing problems such as asthma or any kind of allergies. They will assure a visible improvement in the air quality of your home, consequently enhancing the overall quality of life and helping in convenient breathing.

Pure Effect offers an extensive variety of bulk activated carbon to control organics and inorganics for remediation, industrial and further use.