Dewatering Treatment System Rentals

Dewatering Treatment System Rentals

Pure Effect, Inc. provides turn-key dewatering treatment systems designed to accommodate the projected dewatering flow rate, and meet the discharge permit requirements. Dewatering is a term used to describe the process of extraction and removal of groundwater or surface water from a construction site. Typically performed by dewatering contractors for a project site, and treated by a remediation company. The process of dewatering plays an important role in many Construction projects that involve excavation below the static groundwater level for construction of sub-surface parking structures, bridge caisson/piers, elevator shafts, etc.


This process consists of groundwater extraction at the site with the installation of dewatering wells or French drain / trenches around the perimeter of the site by "drawing down" the groundwater level until a steady, dry state of the soil is reached. The dewatering wells will continue to pump groundwater until the structure is constructed or until there is enough mass to keep the structure from floating. Generally, the dewatering system stays in place for 2-3 weeks after the scope is finished to ensure the structure does not float and that the waterproofing does not leak.

Dewatering at a site  involves the use of pumps. The groundwater that is recovered from a dewatering project site is often contaminated and requires treatment of the contaminated groundwater for temporary or long-term construction water treatment systems prior to discharge into the storm drain.

With over 25 years of experience in construction dewatering treatment, Pure Effect, Inc. is the top industry leader you can always count on to meet all your temporary or long-term construction dewatering treatment needs for your project site. Here at Pure Effect we believe in providing you with the best solutions to ensure that your dewatering treatment needs are met no matter how big or small your construction project site may be. We achieve this goal by ensuring that we design, implement and install the best dewatering treatment systems that will meet treatment requirements to discharge into the storm drain system.

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