The Construction Dewatering Treatment Process

The Construction Dewatering Treatment Process

The process of Construction Dewatering consists of a dewatering contractor extracting the contaminated groundwater at the construction site with the installation of dewatering wells or French drain / trenches around the perimeter of the site by "drawing down" the groundwater level until a steady, dry state of the soil is reached. The dewatering wells will continue to pump groundwater until the structure is constructed or until there is enough mass to keep the structure from floating. In general, it is recommended that the dewatering system stays in place at the construction site for 2-3 weeks after the scope is finished to ensure the structure does not float and that the waterproofing does not leak.

Dewatering at a construction site involves the use of pumps to remove the  groundwater from the ground at the water table, for the water to be treated. The groundwater that is recovered from a dewatering project site is often contaminated and requires treatment of the contaminated groundwater for temporary or long-term construction water treatment systems prior to discharge into the storm drain.

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