Turn-Key Construction Dewatering Treatment System Rentals

Turn-Key Construction Dewatering Treatment System Rentals

Turn-key dewatering treatment systems are available from Pure Effect, Inc. in order to handle the projected dewatering flow rate and meet the discharge permit requirements. Dewatering, which is typically done by dewatering contractors for a project site and afterwards managed by a cleanup company, is the extraction and removal of groundwater or surface water from a building site. Dewatering is a necessary step in many construction projects that call for excavation below the static groundwater level, such as those that include the construction of underground parking buildings, bridge caissons and piers, elevator shafts, etc.

This process entails groundwater extraction on the site and the construction of dewatering wells or French drains / trenches around the perimeter of the site to "draw down" the groundwater level until a steady, dry surface.Until the structure is built or there is enough mass to keep it from floating, the dewatering wells will keep pumping groundwater. The dewatering system often remains in place for two to three weeks after the scope is complete to guarantee that the building won't float and that the waterproofing won't leak.

In order to dewater a location, pumps are used. The recovered groundwater from a dewatering project site is frequently contaminated, necessitating treatment in temporary or permanent construction water treatment systems before release into the storm drain.

Pure Effect, Inc. is the best company in the sector and can be relied upon to meet all of your needs with its more than 25 years of experience in construction dewatering treatment.

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