Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

Activated Carbon – Your Solution For Water Treatment

Activated carbon is one of the most popularly used substances for a variety of purposes. It is used for detoxification, water treatment and also as an odor combatant. Considering their substantial demand in different areas, they are readily available in the form of granules or fine powder. Today, active charcoal is being used commercially and industrially for the treatment of water supplied to households. This is usually available for purchase through activated carbon suppliers.

Water Treatment – A Necessity

The primary reason why households are investing in getting water treatment is to consume water that is safe for human consumption. This is extremely critical in today’s time, as more than half of the global population does not have access to pure, safe and clean drinking water. Pollution has increased considerably, making it difficult to get access to clean drinking water that is safe for consumption. In such a scenario, activated carbon acts as a blessing in disguise. The natural element is packed with several amazing properties that help in overcoming multiple issues that are generally linked to the different filtration methods.

Moreover, it is also considered to be an extremely natural and cost-effective solution for water treatment. As per many types of research, activated carbon helps in eliminating various water contaminants present in the water. It is also effective in removing water pollutants but also assists in getting rid of the foul smell present in drinking water.

The Functions Of Activated Charcoal

So, the question here arises that how does the water treatment mechanism actually work? Simply, activated charcoal is an efficient absorbent, which helps in the removal of unwanted organics and particles that are found in impure water. It is a simple removal process where certain particles attach themselves to activated carbon by physical or chemical attraction.
In water treatment, removal of the undesired organics is of utmost importance. If these organics are not removed, they are likely to react with disinfectants such as chlorine which can result in the formation of hazardous disinfection by-products. Such contaminants are so dangerous for the human body that they can ultimately cause cancer. Therefore, activated charcoal plays an extremely important role in reducing risks associated with human health at an extremely affordable bargain.

An increase has been observed where many households have shifted to water treatment using activated charcoal. Many experts consider it to be an effective yet budget efficient way to make water safe for human consumption at large.

Activated Charcoal’s Absorption Quality

As discussed above, the absorption quality of activated carbon has made it an extremely reliable agent in water treatment. It is being used in large facilities and households for removal of contaminants. The entire process is simple and requires three simple processes.

In the first step, the unwanted contaminants get attached to the exterior of the carbon granules. The next step deals with the movement of the unwanted particles into the carbon pores. In the last step, the substance is absorbed in the interior walls of the activated charcoal or carbon. This ultimately leads to clean, clear and odor free drinking water.

Thus, if you are looking to get safe drinking water free from all sorts of contaminants at an extremely low cost, try using activated carbon. Many households have adopted activated carbon for effective water treatment.

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