Turn-Key Construction Dewatering Treatment System Rentals

Turn-key dewatering treatment systems are available from Pure Effect, Inc. in order to handle the projected dewatering flow rate and meet the discharge permit requirements. Dewatering, which is typically done by dewatering contractors for a project site and afterwards managed by a cleanup company, is the extraction and removal of groundwater or surface water from a building site.

PFAS/PFOS in Construction Dewatering Treatment

PFAS/PFOS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are widely used human made, environmentally persistent chemical which breaks down in a slow manner. Due to the world wide use of PFAS chemicals, it can be found in blood streams of people and animals and even foods we ingest.

The Construction Dewatering Treatment Process

The process of Construction Dewatering consists of a dewatering contractor extracting the contaminated groundwater at the construction site with the installation of dewatering wells or French drain / trenches around the perimeter of the site by "drawing down" the groundwater level until a steady, dry state of the soil is reached.

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