Common Dewatering Considerations For Dewatering Contractors

Common Dewatering Considerations For Dewatering Contractors

Common Basement Dewatering Considerations and Problems

Groundwater can cause massive hurdles in excavation and basement construction. As a result, it can lengthen the excavation and the basement construction process. Thus, the ideal situation is not to have groundwater to ensure that the excavation and basement construction goes to plan.

A well-planned construction project should include a foolproof basement Construction Dewatering Treatment System to efficiently manage all the problems that might occur during basement excavation and construction. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Groundwater flooding is one of the most significant issues that can be caused by underground water-bearing layers. Due to the groundwater inflows, the exaction may get flooded and causing problems in the excavation.
  • Seepage erosion or instability of batter slopes can also be a big problem. Thus, before excavation, you have to make sure that the batter slopes do not have any high pore water pressures at the sides of the excavation.
  • Piping failure in the excavation's base is also a significant problem that has to be taken into consideration that can be caused due to groundwater pressures in the base of the excavation.
  • The hydrostatic loads of the ground pressures may also cause excavation structural problems.
  • Other seepages are also a significant concern. Seepages can cause major dewatering issues resulting in structural instability and inundation. In severe cases, seepages might also cause the collapse of the excavation.

Besides, the basement dewatering plan will also be essential to satisfy vital regulatory bodies and authorities like Planning Authorities, Party Wall Surveyors, Construction Dewatering Contractors, and others.

Therefore, before starting any basement excavation or construction project, it is necessary to formulate a foolproof Groundwater Treatment Plan that includes adequate measures for Groundwater Remediation and Dewatering Treatment. There are several methods through which all of the common basement dewatering problems can be controlled and resolved easily.