Pure Effect Can Assist With Your PFAS/PFOS

Pure Effect Can Assist With Your PFAS/PFOS

  Pure Effect, Inc. will assist you with PFAS/PFOS:

-Evaluation of treatment requirements based on the species of PFAS/PFOS in the groundwater, potable water or wastewater stream.

-Best available treatment methods for PFAS/PFOS Compounds, Specialized GAC and Ion Exchange Resins for maximum removal performances.

-Pure Effect Rapid Treatment Column Testing, to qualify the best combination of filtration media to use for optimum performance.

-Pure Effect Rapid Pilot Onsite Pilot Testing Systems where we can conduct pilot testing with controllable low-flow conditions to develop best-media selection under actual site conditions, develop removal isotherm, treatment efficacy and estimated medias life.

-Influent and effluent sampling and analysis

-Total treatment management services Comprehensive Spent Media Disposal Management; Includes characterization [TCLP, TTLC, STLC testing], disposal options, full service disposal approval, transportation, documentation.

Water Treatment Systems 10 GPM - 1,000 GPM and Higher Flow Rates


-Filtration Systems and Media NSF 61 Potable Water Applications, Design Engineering and Installation

-Filtration Systems for Remediation, Recycling, Dewatering removing PFAS/PFOS, Design, Engineering and Installation

-We sell, rent and Lease Water Treatment Systems for PFAS/PFOS Projects in California, Nevada and Arizona

Please visit www.pureeffect.com to learn more about our services.

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