Frequently Used Stormwater Abbreviations in the Stormwater Industry

Frequently Used Stormwater Abbreviations in the Stormwater Industry

List of Frequently Used Abbreviations and Acronyms in the Stormwater Industry

Like every industry, the stormwater industry also has a few essential and frequently used abbreviations and acronyms:

1.        Best Management Practice – BMP

This abbreviation is generally used to when the best method or practice is being talked about to cater to a specific problem. For examples, while discussing the different stormwater treatment systems – professionals might use this term.

2.        Combined Sewer Overflow – CSO

CSO refers to the overflow of the infrastructure of the drainage system. The sewer system might include multiple systems, including different filtration systems like Carbon Filters, different treatment systems for groundwater treatment, and various water flow management systems – CSO is used to refer to all the combined sewer systems.

3.        Sanitary Sewer Overflow – SSO

SSO refers to contamination of collected sewage into the surrounding clean groundwater. The contamination may be due to sewer lines overload, defects, and blockages caused by the lack of maintenance or other reasons.

4.        Discharge Monitoring Report – DMR

DMR refers to the report that National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit holders have to submit. The Discharge Monitoring Report is submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for new permit modifications or issuance of a new permit.

5.        303(d) List

303(d) List might sound like a computer error, but it actually refers to the Clean Water Act’s important section. This Act discusses the pollution in the waterways and its essential preventive measures.

6.        National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System – NPDES

NPDES refers to the permit program that is developed to address water pollution, its sources, and groundwater remediation to prevent clean water pollution on a national level.

No matter if you are working for or with stormwater industry, these frequently used abbreviations and acronyms will help you in conversing like a professional and understanding the stormwater discussion.