Pure Effect Carbon Filters & New Media

Pure Effect Carbon Filters & New Media

Pure Effect provides new products and services of the following: particulate carbon filters, activated carbon refillable trays for odor control and emission control, blowers, filter housings and paint booth filters.

Pure Effect's new filtration systems are available to meet or exceed your site-specific needs. Our custom systems are built to your specification and can be sized to meet the air flow rate along with the space requirements at your facility. Our Pure Effect team members have extensive experience in deploying Odor & Emissions Control Systems.

Pure Effect offers the following refillable trays: CF4 plastic and metal trays, nominal 24x24x1, 24x24x2, 24x24x3, 24x24x4, PK18, PK12, PM18 and 24x24x8 Filter Folds along with many other specialty filters. Let us know what type of carbon filters you have and we will let you know if we can re-charge them.

Pure Effect Now Also Offers:

EXCELAIR CARBON CCRV V-CELL - These filters utilize a micro granulate absorbent particle embedded in dual layer filter media, close mini pleated and bonded to a rigid V Shaped frame construction. This offers a very large surface area, and a low pressure drop. This filter is designed to remove a wide range of common indoor and outdoor air pollutants at high air flows and is constructed of heavy duty plastic. We offer the filter in carbon and carbon kmno4 blend.

PUR BVR is a new media Pure Effect offers for refillable trays that will liberate oxygen, oxidizes bacterial protoplasm and destroys the lipid membrane through oxidation, which leads to irreversible damage of oxidizing-restoring reaction of bacteria and viruses. Influenza-A, SARS and COVID-19 are all enveloped viruses. Applications for PUR BVR include hospitals, senior living facilities laboratories, and any recirculating HVAC clean rooms or isolation/quarantine rooms.