PFAS/PFOS in Construction Dewatering Treatment

PFAS/PFOS in Construction Dewatering Treatment

PFAS/PFOS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are widely used human made, environmentally persistent chemical which breaks down in a slow manner. Due to the world wide use of PFAS chemicals, it can be found in blood streams of people and animals and even foods we ingest.

While EPA researchers are working to find answers on the long term affects of PFAS/PFOS exposure there are thousands of PFAS chemicals, and they are found in many different consumer, and industrial products making it challenging to study and assess the long term environmental and human risks of each individual chemical.

Some of the examples of where PFAS chemicals can be found are;
- Biosolids – Fertilizer from wastewater treatment plants used on land can contaminate the groundwater and the surface water.
- Manufacturing or chemical production facilities - chrome plating, electronics, and certain textile and paper manufacturers.
- Fire Extinguishing Foam – AFFF (Aqueous film forming foam) which is commonly used to extinguish liquid based fires in response training, at military bases, refineries, airports, ship yards and chemical plants.

Once the PFAS/PFOS chemicals enter the groundwater, the treatment approach for remediation is extraction and filtration through the dewatering treatment process. Pure Effect, Inc. currently offers PFAS/PFOS treatment for Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Remediation applications.

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